Build easily your MithraSIG project from free web data

Published on 29 May 2017

Within a few minutes, MithraSIG can connect to free web services, import STRM and OpenStreetMap data, and build automatically a MithraSIG project from those basic geometries. Just add acoustic parameters such as road traffics and run your simulation.

The latest release of MithraSIG is availble

Published on 3 April 2017

MithraSIG acoustic simulation software integrate Cadcorp SIS Software developer Kit (SDK) and CSTB calculation kernel in a new graphic user interface more easy to use and more understandable.

MithraSIG Version 5

European CNOSSOS-EU method is now available. This method need to be use for noise mapping from 2018 in relation to the Environmental noise directive .

MithraSIG version 5 allows variant management, disable objects, convert objects, etc.

Geomod changes visual identity !

Published on 10 October 2016

Here is the new Geomod logo:


A new website is under construction…